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Scalable CSP Optimized Power Plant Engineered with Biomass Integrated Gasification (SCOPEBIG)

Under the Indo European Co-operation on Renewable Energy Program, a consortium led by CSTEP along with its Indian (Thermax Limited and Bihar State Power Generation Company Limited) and European partners (Energy Centre of the Netherlands and National Centre for Scientific Research) have been selected to promote development of clean energy technologies for sustainable and inclusive growth in India. Under this, the consortium will design and develop a 3 MW demonstration Solar-Biomass hybrid power plant in Bihar and study the related economic & employment activities. This project is funded by the Delegation of the European Union to India. In co-ordination with the European Union (EU), the project envisages to provide support for India’s national policies and programmes towards growth of renewable energy.

The primary objectives of this project is to:

  • Promote a conducive, sustainable and inclusive growth by developing solar thermal and biomass technologies for application to rural India in collaboration with EU 
  • Create viable business models and conducive policy environment for proliferation of these technologies  large numbers 

The specific objectives would be: 

  • Design, develop and operate a 3 MW Solar Thermal - Biomass hybrid power plant in Bihar 
  • Develop scalable models for wider dissemination 
  • Capacity building and provide training on solar and biomass technologies 
  • Share relevant knowledge between India and EU 
  • Work with central and state governments to create a conducive policy environment

Salient features of the Solar-Biomass hybrid plant include:

  • Solar field will contribute to 50% of the total annual generation under optimum conditions
  • Indigenous - India specific design: Designed at medium temperature and pressure 
  • Multi-feed Biomass with high conversion efficiency: Uses innovative indirect gasification technology


Roles of the Consortium Members: 


  • Build a policy framework 
  • Analyse and assess technology and replicable business models  
  • Capacity building
  • Develop a web gateway and computational tool 


  • Design and detail engineering of the plant
  • Manage manufacturing, procurement, erection and commissioning 
  • Operate and maintain the plant 


  • Develop and integrate advanced gasification system 
  • Provide technical expertise on heat transfer analysis and other related areas for efficiency enhancement 


  • Manage the site and infrastructure development 
  • Supervise power evacuation and biomass linkage activities 


The project will be jointly developed and operated by the consortium members during the project period of 5 years on a not-for-profit basis. The total cost of the above project has been estimated at Euros 10,732,332. The project will receive financial assistance from European Union (EU) over five year period up to 80% of the cost of the project subject to a maximum of Euro 8 million and balance cost share will be contributed by the consortium members. 

Project Milestones

  • Year 1 - Project initiation and design followed by detailed engineering
  • Year 2 - Erection and commissioning of the plant
  • Year 3 - Operation optimization and performance monitoring
  • Year 4 - Data analysis and Optimization Studies
  • Year 5 - Dissemination of data & learning’s


Contact Person
Thirumalai N C
Research Scientist,
O: +91 80 4901 5005