Key Messages

The present study explores H2V3O8 as high capacity cathode material for lithium-ion batteries (LIB's). Despite having high discharge capacity, H2V3O8 material suffers from poor electrochemical stability for prolonged cycle life. Ultra-long H2V3O8 nanobelts with ordered crystallographic patterns are synthesized via a hydrothermal process to mitigate this problem. The growth of the crystal is facile along [001] direction, and the most common surface is (001) as suggested by Wulff construction study. Electrochemical performance of H2V3O8 cathode is tested against Li/Li+ at various current rates. 


(*Sudeep Sarkar, Arghya Bhowmik, Jaysree Pan, and Sagar Mitra are the other authors of this paper.)

Preparation, Structure Study and Electrochemistry of Layered H2V3O8 Materials: High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode