Key Messages

Sodium-ion battery (NIB) cathode performance based on ammonium vanadate is demonstrated here as having high capacity, long cycle life and good rate capability. The simple preparation process and morphology study enable us to explore this electrode as suitable NIB cathode. Furthermore, density functional theory (DFT) calculation is envisioned for the NH4V4O10 cathode, and three possible sodium arrangements in the structure are depicted for the first time. Relevant NIB-related properties such as average voltage, lattice constants, and atomic coordinates have been derived, and the estimated values are in good agreement with the current experimental values. 


(*Ananta Sarkar, Sudeep Sarkar, Parveen Kumar, and Sagar Mitra are the other authors of this paper.)

Rechargeable Sodium-ion Battery: High Capacity Ammonium Vanadate Cathode with Enhanced Stability at High Rate