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Renewable energy (RE) and electric vehicles (EVs) are currently the best bet for moving towards a sustainable future. A study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) published last month says that with appropriate EV policies, India can scale down 45 per cent-50 per cent of its cumulative CO2 emissions from the road transport sector between 2021 and 2050.

While Karnataka’s Energy Department is conducting an ‘EV Charging Centre’ campaign in the state between June 23 and 30 to boost citizen interest in electric vehicles, last month at the World Economic Forum’s 2022 annual meeting in Davos, the state pitched for big investments in the renewable energy sector.

Clearly, Karnataka—one of the leading states in EV deployment and RE integration—continues to back EVs and RE for cutting back carbon emissions from its transport and power sectors —the two primary contributors of these emissions in the state.

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