Key Messages

Recognising the need for implementing more forward-looking approaches in Bengaluru’s key urban sectors, the Government of Karnataka has introduced a number of new policy guidelines relating to water, sanitation and transport sectors. However, addressing urban sustainability challenges require the consideration of varying geographic contexts as well as the difference in the pattern of urbanisation experienced by cities. Considering the present capacity of Urban Local Bodies, there is a need for providing adequate guidance to the cities to help them identify and implement the right set of strategies. In this context, this study aimed to bridge the gaps between the policy intent and implementation for the three key urban sectors, i.e. water, sanitation and transport. The Karnataka Urban Waste Water Reuse (UWWR) Policy, released in December 2017, recognises the lack of an integrated approach in urban water planning and mandates the adoption of Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) principles. The research and analysis carried out and the recommendations suggested in this report pertaining to the urban water sector are largely motivated by this policy.

Sustainable Urban Planning Strategies Volume 2