Interns – Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (0-1 Years)

Role Overview

The interns will work closely with CSTEP's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency team to conduct research and capture data on renewable energy and energy efficiency in MSME manufacturing sectors.





· Conduct research related to energy systems in MSME manufacturing sectors.


· Collect, analyse, and tabulate data, based on project requirements.


· Report findings through write-ups/PowerPoint presentations/Excel sheets.


· Undertake literature reviews for decarbonisation technologies. 


· Contribute to research publications by writing articles, research papers, and op-eds.


· Ideate and innovate in terms of expanding knowledge and work base of the RE & EE domain.




Undergraduate/recent graduate with a background in mechanical /electrical /chemical/ process engineering.




No work experience required.




Skill Set



· Knowledge of energy systems (thermal and electrical)


· Knowledge of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies


· Sound understanding of the MSME manufacturing sector


· Excellent verbal and written communication skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite


·  Self-motivated and driven to complete tasks on time




INR 20,000 per month







How to apply

‘Please send an email to with the subject "Application: Intern – Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.’

Research Interns - Technology Watch Group (0-1 Years)

Role Overview

The Research Interns will be involved in developing case studies on solar-PV systems and hydrogen, using  CSTEP’s Technology Assessment Framework (CTAF). The framework can be used for the assessment of emerging and existing technologies. The report on the TAF can be accessed at


We are looking for motivated students who are interested in conducting research in the technology watch group of the Strategic Studies sector. The interns will be assigned specific tasks related to the ongoing projects in this domain,  for a minimum period of three months (extendable by another three months depending on availability, need and performance), where they will be responsible for conducting analysis on a specific technology, based on the methodology described by CSTEP.


Number of vacancies






· Conduct quantitative and qualitative research on specific sub technologies (level 2) in solar and hydrogen sectors (e.g. Perovskites or PEM electrolysers)


· Collect relevant information and establish a database for comparative analysis


· Assist in planning and implementation of specific tasks and undertake initiatives within their area of expertise


· Complement the existing framework by revising the metrics under various criteria


· Prepare a technical brief and a presentation based on the findings



What you will learn/gain


· Assessing technology from the lens of a policy maker, developer, etc.


· Applying integrated assessment frameworks based on techno-economic and socio-policy aspects, for key climate technologies


· Conducting wide-ranging and impactful research


· Opportunity to refine your analytical skills, reasoning abilities, and writing skills


· Opportunity to interact and connect with various stakeholders such as government, academicians, and civil society organisations.





Students who are pursuing or have completed post-graduation, with basic knowledge of renewable technologies;  OR


Students who are pursuing or have completed post-graduation, with basic understanding of financial economics or work experience in handling socio-economic problems.





· Excellent verbal and written communication skills


· Ability to multitask and cope well under pressure


· Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)


· Experience in conducting literature surveys and in working with SPSS would be an added advantage



Internship period and compensation 


Maximum 6 months; INR 15,00020,000 p.m.








How to apply


Please send an email to  with the subject "Application: Research Intern (Technology Watch Group)” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.



Chief of Research (20+ Years)

Role Overview

The Chief of Research will provide research guidance and coordinate the research activities at CSTEP.



Reporting to: Executive Director



Broad Expectations


· Excellent research skills in the energy and climate domains.


· Ability to mentor researchers in multiple areas and drive cross-sectoral research within the context of sustainability and digital transformation.


· Strong links with the research community.


· Assist researchers in proposal preparation, fine-tuning research publications, and technically reviewing research projects.


· Manage the research process within the organisation.



Qualification: PhD degree in Natural/Social Sciences.



Expected experience: 20+ years, with minimum 5 years in research coordination.






Internal: Work with Sector and Group Heads to


· manage the technical review process


· provide thought leadership for research excellence


· drive and mentor cross-sectoral efforts on research projects


· identify research needs for various strategic efforts


· groom research leaders within the organisation



External: Work with Executive Director and Sector Heads to


· develop grant-winning proposals


· assist in the engagement with stakeholders


· raise the research profile of the organisation




Compensation: INR 3540 lakhs 






How to apply

Please send an email to with the subject "Application: Chief of Research” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.

Communications Officer - Events (2-3 Years)

Role Overview

The Communications Officer (Events) will be a part of CSTEP’s Communication & Policy Engagement team and will be responsible for ideating, planning, and organising events of varying scales (from flagship events of 500+ people to online panel discussions or stakeholder consultations of 20-50 people). A suitable candidate would be motivated, organised, and adept at multi-tasking, as well as have good interpersonal skills and the ability to manage high-stress situations calmly and effectively.





· Developing, maintaining, and executing an event calendar.


·Coordinating with project/research teams, the communication and outreach team, and the admin team.


· Preparing budget and handling invoices responsibly.


· Identifying and negotiating with vendors; identifying opportunities and negotiating for sponsorships.


· Handling event logistics.


· Managing branding and email marketing.


· Developing event feedback forms.





A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Public Relations/Communications/Event Management





2-3 years of experience in organising corporate events



Skill Set


· Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


· Good project management skills


· Email marketing skills


· Time management









How to apply

Please send an email to with the subject "Application: Communications Officer (Events)” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.

Research Intern - Strategic Studies (0-1 Years)

Role Overview

The Research Intern will be involved in examining cooling technologies related to hydroponic farming.





· Assess technologies related to space cooling and water cooling, and analyse their performance.


· Perform humidity and temperature control analysis for a greenhouse.


· Write technical outputs (reports, etc.)



Qualifications and Skills:


·  A bachelor's/master's degree in engineering (Mechanical/Chemical is preferred) with adequate knowledge of heat transfer, humidity, and air cooling technologies.

·  Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point).








How to apply


Please send an email to with the subject "Application: Research Intern– Strategic Studies” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.

Senior Communications Officer – Media Design (3-5 Years)

Role Overview

The Senior Communications Officer – Media Design will be a part of the Communication and Policy Engagement team and will be responsible for creating audio-visual communication outputs. A strong understanding of the digital medium, the visual aesthetics of various digital channels (including social media), content formats for various platforms, and how these can be leveraged creatively is essential.



The role is cut out for someone with a deep interest in policy and development issues, especially in the areas that the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP) works in. The grand challenges that we are working on currently include a Sustainable and Secure Future; India’s Green Energy Transition; Digital Transformation; and Clean Air for All.



As the Senior Communications Officer – Media Design, you will be expected to work under tight deadlines with quick turn-around times on audio-visual outputs. You are expected to understand scientific and technology-based solutions and communicate them visually for the consumption of a lay audience.





·  Creating explanatory videos, animation videos, and infographic videos for various projects.

·  Generating short videos (like Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, etc.) for social media promotion.

·  Conceptualising innovative video/animation styles based on the script and brief.

·  Video shooting and audio recording for projects and outreach activities.

·  Following brand guidelines for consistent outputs.

·  Creating infographics and animated videos.

·  Editing and handling podcasts.





Bachelor’s degree in graphic/multimedia/filmmaking/animation/communication design or a related field.





3-5 years of relevant experience








How to apply


Please send an email to with the subject "Application: Senior Communications Officer – Media Design” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.

Group Head - Electric Mobility (8 - 10 Years)

Role Overview

This research area aims to conduct scientific studies and aid evidence based policy making for adoption of faster adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The candidate will work closely with the group towards undertaking techno-policy studies, including demonstration of pilots for proliferation of EVs.






· Develop overall research objectives and novel study directions in the field of electric mobility, with policy research at its core.


· Ideate and develop research programmes and projects enabling more grants in the electric mobility domain.


· Continuously monitor domain developments and provide insightful quantitative and strategic analysis through research reports/policy briefs/op-eds, etc.


· Be responsible for conducting quality research and provide solutions for research challenges associated with the project and subject area.




· Lead a team of researchers towards timely completion of projects and other related tasks.


· Actively participate in the process of raising funds/grants for new projects.


· Mentor juniors, including delegating and monitoring project-related tasks, while ensuring quality research work.


· Foster innovation and inculcate research skills in junior researchers.


Engagement with stakeholders, funders, and collaborators


· Continuously engage with funders, project partners, government institutions, and other stakeholders to deliver on projects.


· Initiate engagements with relevant stakeholders viz. government, industry, and academia to maintain a strong presence of CSTEP in the research ecosystem.


· Keep up to date with the current knowledge and recent advances in the electric mobility field.




Qualifications & Experience


·  Master’s degree or PhD in Electrical/Mechanical/Transportation Engineering or a related field, with strong domain knowledge in your field of education.


· At least 8-10 years of professional experience in electrical/transportation and planning/automobile industry or in an industry related to electric mobility.


· Proven track record in delivering high-quality complex research programmes/projects (minimum two), including managing and mentoring resources (team of 3/4 members), within the allocated time and budget.


· Experience in building strong relationships with government, partners, and funders.


· Successful demonstration of fund/grant raising, developing research proposals, and bid writing.


· Experience in project management and pilot projects in the e-mobility or renewable energy space.


· Experience of interaction/work with state or central government institutions and entities.


· Exposure to the electric mobility field is highly desirable.


· Experience of working with a think-tank research team will be a plus.




Skill Set


· Strong analytical skills and demonstrated capability to solve complex problems in your field of experience/education.


· Ability to communicate complex information, theory and concepts clearly and concisely.


· Good organisational and project management skills, including team and time management.









How to apply

Please send an email to with the subject "Application: Group Head - Electric Mobility” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.

Senior Associate – Adaptation and Risk Analysis (5-8 Years)

Role Overview

The candidate must have a good understanding of the conceptual and technical aspects of climate change risk and adaptation, and should have the ability to draw policy implications from the work done. The candidate should be able to coordinate and communicate effectively with internal and external teams and work in an organised manner to ensure that project deliverables and outcomes are achieved.




·       Conduct policy research related to climate risk, particularly hazard and exposure.


·       Analyse existing policies and identify gaps with respect to climate adaptation.


·       Data collection, processing, and analysis for vulnerability and climate risk assessments at different scales.


·       Field visits for coordination and support to field partners, if necessary.


·       Publish research findings in reports, policy briefs, journals, conference papers, op-eds, and white papers.


·       Work on multiple projects to ensure completion within the given timeframe and budget.



Qualifications & Experience


·       Master’s degree or its equivalent in climate science and policy, environmental studies, or a related field.


·       Ability to write high-quality research reports, including white papers, journals, policy briefs, etc.


·       5-8 years of relevant experience in research and analysis, with at least 5 years of experience working with teams engaged in project development, stakeholder engagement, related to climate change adaptation.


·       At least 3 years of experience in policy research and analysis.



Skill Set


·       Basic understanding of the concepts of climate risks, hazards, exposure, vulnerability and adaptation.


·       Capacity to undertake technical and policy-based research on climate risk and adaptation strategies, monitoring and evaluation protocols, etc.


·       Proficiency in carrying out vulnerability assessments.


·       Competence in using MS Excel and other statistical packages.


·       Willingness to travel when needed to collect necessary data and discuss study findings.


·       Ability to make effective and timely decisions.


·       Familiarity with government and other reliable sources of data.


·       Ability to coordinate with different stakeholders—government officials, district level authorities, state climate change cells, civil society organisations.


·       Experience working with NGOs, ministries, and other government bodies is desirable.




Bengaluru or Noida



How to apply

Please send an email to with the subject "Application: Senior Associate – Adaptation and Risk Analysis” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.


Analyst - Energy & Power (2-3 Years)

Role Overview

The Analyst must be well-versed in the technical and policy aspects of the power sector. The candidate should meet the requirements related to deliverables and project schedule, and should coordinate and communicate effectively with internal and external teams productively to meet the project objectives.





· Undertake economic analysis in the areas of power sector, such as renewable energy, electricity transmission and distribution, and energy efficiency, to support policy decisions.


· Conduct research related to the supply and use of energy (conventional and non-conventional).


· Develop financial/ econometric models pertaining to power sector.


· Compile energy-market data, and analyse market trends, including demand, supply, and price projections.


· Prepare medium to long-term energy sector outlook reports for various states.


· Establish communication and coordinate for data/analysis with the relevant stakeholders for power sector.


· Document and publish research findings in detailed reports, journals, and conference papers, op-eds, and newsletters.



Qualifications & Experience


·Master’s degree or its equivalent in Economics, Finance/Business, or a related field.


·Ability to write high-quality research reports, including white papers, journals, policy briefs, etc.


·2-3 years of relevant professional experience in economic analysis related to power sector



Skill Set


· Expertise in carrying out cost-benefit, life-cycle cost, impacts, forecasting, market penetration, and consequences analyses.


· Willingness to undertake technical and policy research within the power sector domain.


· Experience working with regulatory commissions, generating companies, distribution utilities, renewable nodal agencies, ministries, and other government bodies.


· Basic understanding on concepts of power purchase agreements, electricity market design, deviation settlement mechanism, demand response, and open access.


· Competence in using software and statistical tools (Python, R, SAS, tableau, SPSS, etc.) to develop economic models and derive results.


· Proven ability to economically assess grid-based power systems alternatives.


· Willingness to travel frequently to collect necessary data and discuss study findings.


· Ability to make effective and timely decisions.




Bengaluru or Noida



How to apply

Please send an email to with the subject "Application: Analyst - Energy & Power” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.

Content Writer (1-3 Years)

Role Overview

The Content Writer will be a part of the Communication & Policy Engagement team and will be responsible for creating promotional and explanatory content around our research. The candidate should have a strong interest in policy and developmental issues, and a flair for understanding and translating scientific writing into simple, understandable, and engaging content. A strong understanding of social media and a nose for news will be preferred. The Content Writer will be involved in developing strategies for promoting research and will be able to write for multiple platforms in various forms including blogs, opinion or reporting pieces, press releases, and social media posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like. The candidate may also be involved in preparing scripts for videos and podcasts.





·  Study research projects and develop a strategy for promoting crucial findings and recommendations.


·  Build content for multiple platforms based on the requirement of the project.


·  Be a part of the event management team.


·  Develop and regularly post content on social media.


·  Complete projects within deadlines.





Master’s degree in Communication, Journalism, or a related field.





1- 3 years of relevant experience in content writing



Skill Set


·  Proficiency in English.


·  Apt understanding of policy and developmental issues.


·  Ability to understand scientific writing and convert it into simple content for a lay audience.


·  A flair for writing and a thirst for learning.


·  Good time management skills, with experience of working with tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment.


·  Excellent communication skills.


·  Knowledge of social media marketing and the ability to write in a vernacular language will be an added advantage.








How to apply


Please send an email to with the subject "Application: Content Writer” and attach a copy of your updated CV, as well as a cover letter.


CSTEP works in critical areas such as environment, energy and strategic materials to enable sustainable growth. We are also involved in cutting-edge research that incorporates Artificial Intelligence for social good and computational tools and modelling to provide solutions for complex developmental issues in India.